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need money asked:

looking to research on any unclaimed money and also looking to start a home part time business that has proven with someone (canadian) to be successful. Thanks.

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cstacey_sf asked:

I’m researching ideas for home-based business opportunities and I am interested in selling organic baby clothing or possibly other organic products. However, I am having difficulties finding these types of businesses on the web. Does anyone know of any companies selling organic products that are looking for independent consultants?

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Including websites that pays cash even for answering serveys?
I’ll do surveys that pays by cashable checks. I’m looking for surveys that pays only cash and not prizes. I’m in need of some serious extra imcome for me and my wife. And so would somebody please help us?

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Sophie asked:

I’m going to start a home based cake decorating business but someone at work told me that i could get in trouble with i think she said the fda for baking at home… I want to look that up to see if its true but I cant find anything online… i googled it but all I find is how to start a business… but no rules or regulations. any help would be wonderful!

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splattercheese asked:

I would like to learn how to build a website for a home based business what is the best and easiest way to do this? I have some limited HTML experience but its not much and I also have an old copy of Dreamweaver which seems like an excellent program to use for this.

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Martha asked:

I’m doing a project for a computer class and my part is to discuss “home based computer businesses”. But when i look that up in the internet all that comes out is how to start your own or a million of scams. I wanted to know if anyone knew of a website that actually talks a little more about its history and just plain information on that topic. THANKS!

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