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lwilcox69 asked:

It has become apparent that there are millions of scams and tricks of so called “home based businesses” when it is really people selling DVDs or BOOKS on how to make money on ebay and other ways. Therefore, people make money by selling these “info” pieces that many are searching for. Beyond the hype and tricks of “buy my book or plan and you can get rich like me”, are there any “real” home based businesses where you can sign up, actually do work and get paid for it?

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Manny V asked:

I run a home-based biz selling ladies apparel. whats the best marketing appoach?

I presently use word-mouth as the best way and try to network. I’m trying to avoid advertising and attracting unknown strangers into my home.

Any suggestions?

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Tracey L asked:

I recently got involved in a home based business opportunity in the health and beauty industry. I am finding the internet is saturated with business ops and it is difficult to build a downline.

I am considering doing offline advertising. My question is, what regions, states, areas, etc… seem to be the most responsive to these types of opportunities if one is choosing to do print ads?

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