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lbaker74 asked:

I have looked that the TN gov website but I don’t see anything there that deals with home based businesses. Could someone help me. Thanks

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Moon C asked:

I’m wanting to start a home based business but I’m not sure what business would be best. I want the business to be profitable, but it can’t be to overwhelming in the beginning because I work a demanding night job. Any suggestions?

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home jobs
Tony J asked:

I want to start a home based business where I will have no employees and carry no inventory. I will broker deals between companies. What do I need to do to get it started as far taxes and registrations, etc?

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TBS asked:

Can I start a home based accounting business if I am not a CPA?If yes,in my business card, can I put my title as “Accountant”?

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mlstyl123 asked:

I just bought the canon 40d. I have a 28-135mm lens. But that is all I have. I would like to start a small business taking outdoor portraits to begin with. I also would like to know what the best editing software is out there.

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me asked:

I’m looking to start a home-based catering business in the future and am wanting to know the laws, rules and regulations for owning and running a catering business from home. I’ve been on a few state-run websites but maybe I’m overlooking one! Help!

Serious answers only please! Thanks!
Let me re-iterate my initial statement. It’s home-based but on the web. I WON’T have any customers showing up to my home. It’s catering;not a restaurant.

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