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Christian asked:

I have a physical disability that prevents me from getting an outside job; I have full use of my upper body.

What would be some really good home-based jobs that I could consider doing? I’m not interested in scams, or get rich quick “jobs”. What I am interested in are things like starting my own business or having a stable Internet based job. I’m on limited income, so I don’t really have a lot of excess money to invest in something right now. Can you provide any help? Thanks!

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vady asked:

Can you please suggest me what are the real sites for home based jobs because 98% sites are fake.This is making me so confused.Please help me out.

online jobs
Mae W asked:

I’m want a home based job that is true to it’s being. Without you paying them for nothing!

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vandy asked:

can you please suggest the true sites for data entry and report creating home based jobs.i have tried so many but i found most of them scammy.please tell me genuine site.

home jobs
Elizabeth S asked:

I would like to find out if there is indeed any such home based jobs on the computer such as data entry, surveys that are for real also and do not keep me on the computer for hours just filling out one survey and then not receiving any prize and/or money. Also, if there is a legitimate typing home based business, which is for real and are any of these at no cost to start working? Thank You Very Much For Your Consideration In This Matter, for I do certainly appreciate Your Knowledge on this subject of: “Home Based Typing, Data Entry and Surveys that are for: “REAL!”

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