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Jess asked:

My mom is looking for a business to actually make money off of it. lol I sell makeup and earn 40% so maybe she’s looking to make just as much but I can’t find anything else that makes that much other then Mary Kay an Premier Designs. Any Ideas?

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heh2203 asked:

I recently became a mom and want to work from home now to earn a little extra income. I know i’m asking for a lot because i want money but have to have something VERY flexible. So, a home based biz book i read had a little info about envelope stuffing for businesses. i need to know if anyone out there has experience with this and what all it would take to get started. How would one reccomend me to find businesses to do envelope stuffing for. Also, how do i quote them what i would charge to do it? Is it based on the number of envelopes i fill, or hours i work, or what? Just any and all help would be appreciated!