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I own a home-based business and have begun applying inexpensive but traditional business marketing techniques and wanted to know if anyone else was going in that same direction and with what methods.

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Terrence B Knows on 30 September, 2009 at 2:00 pm #

but so is everyone else
so you have to step it up

Think outside the box get the word out
exchange ideas and traffic with other people

Mark A on 3 October, 2009 at 1:07 am #

Hi. I use several marketing methods. I have them listed on my website. I have my own domain name which allows me to make my own lead capture pages and splash pages. I made my own website to tell others how I market my business. I also use an auto responder. You can get your own domain name at Global Domains International.

I have a new forum as well that is on it.
There are many free ways to market your site.

Forums, blogs, safe lists, traffic exchanges, article submissions, online classifieds, directories, banner exchanges, free websites, ect….

Use a sig file in your emails and profiles f the forums and blogs you belong to. Don’t advertise links to your business directly in a forum, you must put your links in your sig file and profile.

They are all listed at my site

To help your success, you need to offer solutions not opportunities. promote yourself, your solutions to peoples’ problems, then help them solve their problem by offering your product or service. Help your downlines as much as possible. I use a url rotator as well so that when I advertise my domain name, other members of my business get their website advertised when my domain name is clicked or typed in. My domain name always stays in the browser address bar, no matter who’s website shows up.

Build relationships with others, communicate with your members of your business, and other business owners as well. Communication is a major role in successful network marketing.

The two major things you need to be a succesfull network marketer is your own domain name/website, and an auto responder to automate your communications with your propects that you get from your lead capture page.

You advertise your lead capture page to get your free leads.
Offer something of value to your potential prospect in your lead capture page. Information on how you can solve a problem.
What kinds of products & services does your business offer? List them as solutions to your readers’ problem. Offer them help and advice.

Your target market are other online business operators. They are already buyers, they are already interested in making money online. Offer a solution, something to help them improve their business or lifestyle.

Pick 4 or 5 methods to market your business, set a daily schedule, and do it daily. 1 – 3 hours a day if ou can. Just do it everyday. Write down things to do for next day. Everyday, do something that will promote your business.

Blues City Marketing on 4 October, 2009 at 1:07 pm #

I am using traffic exchanges, blogs (I have 5), forums, I write articles, use GoogleAdwords- I have learned alot from the 30-Day Internet Success guide I got for free. It has tons of great ideas, and best of all- unlike many other sites out there- the information is free…no catches.

Use what you like- disregard the rest. It is a generic marketing program that will work with any home business. They even offer training calls- all for free. Here’s the site:

Take Care!


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