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tom asked:

Looking for a good home based job.We’re not really hurting for money,my wife and I would just like to spend more time at home with our children.Does anyone know of a free start up home job,one that you don’t have to complete stupid offers and such?Please help.Thank you!

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lovelyn on 30 March, 2009 at 5:22 am #

if you want a home based job u can start as affiliate.. not sure thought how does it work. i tried but never pursue it. right now I’m at Prepaid Legal Services and we are marketing Family Legal Plans and more. If you think you can make sales this might be for you. We have good commissions u can rely.You income will based on your sales. you have 3 ways to earn. 1.your own sales commission. 2. override commission from your associate. 3.once your client renew his membership after a year you will have commission.I work from home Im with my kids everyday. If you want to run your own business and work part time or full time this is for you. visit my website or email me at. you can also call me at 323-229-6243

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