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Casey asked:

How do you know what home-based businesses are worth investing in? I don’t know anyone who has tried any and I want more than an email or postcard saying that they work.



fisksara on 25 April, 2009 at 1:24 pm #

I tried selling vitamins once (I’ll tell you the company name in a private email) but I ended up realizing that I didn’t want to have all the stock in my house, I didn’t want to order other people’s products for them, and I didn’t want to have to call about other people’s shipping issues.

I am currently a consultant for Heritage Makers- a home based business that is at the front of new digital scrapbooking wave-it has been an incredible experience so far. I”m completely hooked not just on the products (hard bound books of all shapes and sizes, greeting cards and more that you create from your own pictures) but the people I work with are just wonderful. I’ve never met such nice people.
I’d be happy to share more if you are interested!

lynettesavon1 on 26 April, 2009 at 1:37 am #

I am living proof that home based businesses work. I have been doing Avon for almost 2 years and I can honestly say that I receive an income of about $300 every 2 weeks. Now that may not seem like alot but for me its better than being away from my family to earn the same amount part-time. For only $10 alot of people seem to want to give it a try.

a b on 26 April, 2009 at 11:17 am #

I am currently doing affiliate marketing. I have generated a few commissions. It doesn’t cost much to get involved. The marketing part is the toughest part for me, but I think it will improve. I started a yahoo group to correspond with others with similar interests.

Jim B on 28 April, 2009 at 11:04 am #

Yes, I have experience in home based businesses. I have been a successful online entrepreneur for about a year and a half now. I have tried many different business opportunities with a variety of business models from the traditional MLM type programs to the very common 1 or 2 passup sale models.

I have to say that I have been most successful in the 1-2 up programs because they are the simplest to understand and the commissions you receive are typically very large. They have leverage built into their comp plans because of the passup aspect.

If you plan on joining such a business program, I would recommend considering the following two points:

1) Be sure the business has a product that is practical, in demand and worth the cost to enter the program. Be sure you ask yourself if you would actually use the products. In a business without such a product package, it would seem like you are only marketing the business with the products just “window dressing.”

2) Be sure you join a team of successful entrepreneurs who provide extensive support tools, resources and mentoring – beyond what you get from the actual company. An Internet business is all about marketing and you should have a mentor who can explain the ropes and get you off to a good start, so you don’t have to stumble around the Net blind.

My two favorite businesses currently are here:


miabellashop on 1 May, 2009 at 10:01 am #

Yes, I have only been with this Company since late February of this year. Candles are a 3 Billion Dollar Industry. They provide exclusive online training, products and a flash hosted website.
I am already a Diamond Director as of April. These products sell very well online and off. We are listed with the Better Business Bureau. I am currently training 7 new people about the business and they are doing well. If this at all interests you, please feel free to check out my source below.

privates77 on 2 May, 2009 at 11:48 am #

Yes, I have tried many. I am an author and entrepreneur for years. I have made little or low amounts of money with the exception of the two latest ones. The Greatest Vitamins in The World is low startup and the vitamins are natural and good I have been taking them for almost two years. I invested 35 dollars for a website that was built for me and I have made 2000 and have check stubs to prove it. I don’t do anything but tell folks to go to my website or sometimes I pass out my flyers or business cards. I advertise on my car window the website cost me 20 for professional lettering. I also have had good success with marketing and selling my onw book which is available to anyone who wants to sell it or be a wholesaler or distributor for me. I am working on two new books and several inventions for products so I am busy and would love to give someone a chance to come in at the top of my company and share the money with them. Email me if interested at and the website for the vitamins is this is the second website that company built no charge extra to me no monthly fees one time 35 and that is it they sell the products and ship etc. Good residual income that repeats itself.

john g on 4 May, 2009 at 7:56 pm #

I’m a Warm Spirit Consultant, and I’ve been doing the business for 2 years now. We offer a line of all natural spa and wellness products. We are also the feature company in the May issue of Empowering Women Magazine.

To determine weather a business is worth starting takes doing your homework, there are things to consider
1. is the product in demand or needed.
2. the total number of people doing the business just like you. the smaller the number the more room for you to have more recuits
3. do you use the products or services. do you love and enjoy doing it
4. the help and support the business provides. do they just give you your stuff and your on your own or do they provide training and support for you to succeed.
5. your target market. are they accessiable to you, easy to identify, to reach. who are they?
6. the cost of starting the business.
7. the history of the business, are they growing, or have they reach a level of little or no growth. look for those that are still in the early growth stages.
8. are they an actual business where you can become financially stable or a pyramid.
9. is it a “fad” company thats making a product that in demand now or are there products ever changing and adapting to their market.
10. the tax advantages for a home based business is worth having one.

Please take a look at my webpage and if you have any question about Warm Spirit I would be more than happy to assist you in getting started.
webpage -
email -

shirleyb1948 on 6 May, 2009 at 8:07 am #

I have tried several different home based businesses, from Avon, Mary kay, Melaluca, Amway, and while they are all good in their own right, I began to feel that the market was so saturated that you would need to spend 12-16 hours a day just pushing the product to make any money at it.
I recently found, after many months of research a home based scented candle business that is fantastic, the company support and training are outstanding, you get a free company website if you join their monthly program, they have several income options, and the product is terrific.
If you are interested in something that is unique and does not have hundreds of thousands of people competing for sales check out my info site home-candle-business.com/shirleyb.html, or go to the website and see what you would get if you signed on

sachkehtahu on 7 May, 2009 at 2:56 am #

Yes i m waiting for my third check.Its different for different people.For me google adsense worked.
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SandraD on 9 May, 2009 at 1:23 pm #

mos home based business work if you do. You need to believe in the product you are selling and work to develop a client base. Keep in mind youare working for yourself and need to treat it like a business to be sucessful. I have had my own business with Mary Kay for almost three years now. I was able to quit my full time job and be home with my children. My Mary Kay Director sold Avon for years and it didn’t work for her with Mary Kay she quit her full time job and has been driving free. I also hear people that are successful with Avon so research the company well ask lots of questions make sure you know what you need to invest to make it work. Some companies have small start up but you need to invest in brochures and other things so get all the facts and again I can’t stress enough that you need to love and believe int he product and the company . I am proud to be affiliated with Mary Kay it is a reputable company that supports and rewards it’s consultants it has a high integrity and stands behind it’s product with a 100% guarantee these things are important to me.
Good Luck

Carlton C on 10 May, 2009 at 7:15 pm #

I have personal experience building a home-business. As a matter of fact, I am one of the trainers with my particular company. There are many worth investing in. The question you have to ask yourself is are YOU worth investing in? Of course you are. In that case, find an opportunity that has a solid product/service that you believe in, has a proven and documented system that is easily duplicatable and a training system that you and your people can plug into.

If a company has people who are successful, then that generally means that success is achievable. Do they work? Of course they do. Do you work? That is the question.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of great companies with great products. Personally, I believe in necessity-based products. With this, I mean products/services that people are already using, not that they have to spend additional money to have or use. Also, I am a firm believer in personal development because I believe that for things to change, we have to change. As such, anyone who joins my organization must commit to training because we focus on becoming rich in EVERY area of your life, not just financially. When you experience wholeness in every area of your life, you have the ability to empower others. That is what it’s all about – helping others create better situations for themselves and their families and leaving a positive mark in the lives of those around you :-)

To your success!

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