home based business
Heather R asked:

I started one that has a start up free of $170 and I only have to do MY PART for about 10/15 min. Then the product sells its self. I just sit back, eat yummy food, visit and enjoy myself. I walk away with money that day.

I am wondering if anyone besides myself is interested in starting up something like this that sells itself? Or has home based businesses stopped being a fad? I want to grow my business, help people see how fun and easy it is without being a pressure upline person. I only want to do a couple of parties a month but want to be encouraging of someone who signs up under me wants to do 20 a month or 40 a month. Do you think that there are people out there frustrated with the one they are in or ready to jump ship and hit a fresh new idea?

Do you like Tattoo’s ?

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