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wbiker24 asked:

Need a legitimate Home based business or work at home job. NOT A SCAM With little or NO money down. I’m a stay at home dad and (we) need extra income. I have searched the internet. Need more info on this and what to look for. I’m also a Christian.



mabaitnadalawangsapatos on 18 February, 2009 at 2:14 am #

try yahoo hot jobs online or go with selling stuff on ebay. Offer a phone number so you can contact them, but the internet is the way to go really. Also networking would be good, but usually people with home businesses have a computer and an office at home with a fax machine and all that other stuff!

Also go with what you like or are interested in (i.e. cars, car parts…) sell online through your website or sell it by flyer outside, or call the yellow pages for a listing or the penny saver/newspaper.

NCS on 18 February, 2009 at 9:37 am #

One thing you can do is start an affiliate website or even write ebooks and market them. There are lots of opportunities just find something that interests you. I have used some of the tools offered on this site to help me.

home729 on 18 February, 2009 at 5:27 pm #

I’m a work at home dad also. I’m not sure what type of home business your interested in but I would look for something that you could start free then upgrade. The upgrade option will allow you to earn better commissions. It will also provide a better residual and leveraged income opportunity.

When you find one that looks a good opportunity for you, do your research. Find out how long they’ve been around, how’s there support, is there a demand for there product or service, etc. etc.

Best wishes

karbenite on 19 February, 2009 at 10:14 pm #


To be honest, you are probably not going to find a job working from home. Most of what you are going to find are scams where you will be asked to pay money and receive a list of places you can contact to apply to work online.

I receive an RSS feed of all questions from Yahoo Answers that mention the terms “Job Search”, “job Find” or “Job Seek”. Most of the questions I see ask about online jobs. I have not seen one that said they were working at home.

The most important thing to remember about job searches is that you should use a combination of methods regardless of your location.

Networking – Register at your local Unemployment Office (you don’t need to be on unemployment to register for their assistance). They often will have networking groups on a regular basis. They also are a good source for the jobs that never show up in the paper or online.

Check your local paper — In many cases the paper’s classified are now online.

Search Smart Online — If you don’t have a lot of time, spend most of your time at sites that aggregate the job feeds from several job search engines. Prominently these include indeed.com and thingamajob.com.

Organization — I use a free online application that allows you to track your ads, jobs you apply for, send or print mail merged correspondence, and track your job search history. This site is jobsearchlog.com

Good Luck,


lifestyle_changer_2007 on 20 February, 2009 at 9:27 am #

Have you considered Arbonne International? Network marketing in and of itself is very legal and potentially very lucrative…if you’re willing to work. They are not get rich quick schemes. Arbonne is a wonderful, very well established (26 years), exploding network marketing company. Network marketing is a method of distribution that a company uses to get their products from the manufacturer to the consumer without all the middlemen (wholesaler, warehouser, advertiser and retailer). Because of this, they can put more money into research and development, and pay the consultants handsomely for their “word of mouth” advertising.

Arbonne has health & wellness products for every member of the family…things that people buy from the store everyday, thus the products are consumable, and that’s a VERY important point when looking at network marketing companies. Our products are pure, safe and beneficial, are botanically based, contain no mineral oil, chemical dyes or fragrances, no animal products or by-products, have never been tested on animals, and are pH correct, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

The opportunity with Arbonne is HUGE, and we aren’t even global, yet (will be soon…then LOOK OUT!)

There are MANY men that are VERY successful in Arbonne. Take a look at some of the links below.

Check out the sites below, and contact me if you’d like more information. You really owe it to yourself to take a look at Arbonne.

Good luck!

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