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AnGeL asked:

I have just started a home-based business and would like to have people be involved with it just like me. I would like to be on a forum or something to that affect. Please let me know if there is a such thing. Thanks.
My home business is marketing all sorts of major companies such as Dish Network, AT&T, Lowes, Kohls, etc. It is an amazing opportunity for any lifestyle. I was just looking for a new way to advertise my business on the internet.

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TiffanyB on 14 January, 2009 at 10:58 am #

Congrats on starting your own home based business. What are you involved in? I’m not sure what you mean by a “forum” the best thing for your business is “word of mouth” get referrals from people and get out there and advertise that way. More cost effective economically speaking. That’s all I had done to make my own home based business successful. Word of mouth is the best advertisement that can be done and referrals. Start out with family and friends then move onto other avenues. Without knowing what your product is, it’s difficult to tell you anything else but general things.
If you email me with what you do and a web site, if it’s reputable, I can refer you over to a blog where you can post it.

Hope this helps.

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