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A asked:

I am wanted to start doing Home Based Parties selling Children’s Items. Things like personalized books and/or toys. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Diva asked:

I am opening a small home based business making invitations for weddings,b-days and etc. I am looking for a great software to use?

Please any advice..

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Jasper asked:

I am looking for home based medical transcription work for day shift in India. Any suggestions?

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houston15 asked:

Where are the real home based business? Low start up

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Vel asked:

I am a pastor and would like to start a home based business to take care of my home as well as my ministry. What can be done in Delhi? I want genuine answers. Lately, I have been prey to many site which makes false assurance with unbelievable results.
Please HELP

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Pilar asked:

I have a baby am we can’t afford child care. I need to bring in some money working from home, but all of thoses “work from home” ads I look into turn out to be some sort of scheme or mlm.

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Mother Nature asked:

Hi all!
I have a very small home-based candle business and am having a problem getting traffic to my page! I have some very UNIQUE pieces of art and I know that they could and would be big sellers if I could get more people to see them. See for yourself at


Anybody have any suggestions?

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